I was born in Ukraine and raised in ATL, and have called NYC home for the past 6 years up until December 2015. On Feb 8th, 2016 I embarked on an 18 month solo backpacking world tour across 6 continents in search of self discovery and documenting kindness around the world ( I've been dreaming of this trip for 7 years!).

First and foremost, I'm an adventurer and storyteller, who likes to kick off my  mornings with Beyonce dance parties. I'm also a MOTH StorySLAM winner and a contributing writer for VICE, and feel most alive when giving a voice to people/things that matter and hoping to make the world a little sunnier, a little kinder, and a little more magical as a result.

Goodbye NYC: You’re The Best Thing That’s Happened to Me Yet

Flying out now. One way ticket away from the concrete jungle I’ve called home for 6 years. I regret nothing. I walk away proud of the life I created – a life grander and richer with experiences and love than I ever thought possible. We all come to New York as orphans, our families often scattered about and so the friendships you make here become your family. I’ve been so lucky to be adopted by the most phenomenal humans and I will miss my NYC family deeply. I’ll miss bubble tea, nutella crepes, and La Esquina tacos on my rooftop as the sun sets but more than anything I’ll miss the people that made me grow up and become the person I am today.

Thank you for letting me play in your jungle, NYC – it’s been a surreal adventure. Cheers to 2 months in LA now before the 18 month global journey begins Feb 1, 2016. #gratefulbeyondmeasure #missyoualready#wonderhunter

Vicki Rox

Adventurer. Storyteller. Hunter of Wonder.

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